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Key Features


Generate random feeds.

All music is entirely randomly generated by carefully tuned algorithms. Set your tempo and play along as the music automatically advances, accompanied by an optional metronome tick.


Fit your specific needs.

Change anything you want about the music you generate. Clef, key, time signature, range and difficulty are all fully selectable. Make your feed fit exactly what you need to practice. Or, let SightFeeder surprise you and randomly select a key and time signature.


Save a feed for later.

If a generated feed contains a specific passage that you'd like to keep and practice, you can save it for later. Both preset feeds and saved feeds can be created or deleted at any time.


Practice for the big audition.

Turn on Audition Mode and read the generated music quickly as possible; SightFeeder starts playing when the timer hits zero. Practice under pressure, just like a real audition in front of an adjudicator.